5 Best Banks That Offer Currency Exchange Services In Norway

Whether you’re in Norway for a short visit or you are staying for a long time, you will require money to get the most out of your stay. You will certainly want to get the best deal accessible when exchanging your money. NorskeAnmeldelser provides you with customer experiences, complaints, and reviews for all banking institutions in Norway.

This list gives a summary of banking institutions in Norway that offers the best currency exchange services.

1.    Revolut

Revolut is a kind of digital bank that gives accounts in GBP and EUR with an attached prepaid bank card. Revolut is a currency exchange institution that uses an advanced mobile app for its currency exchange. You can set up a bank account and operate it on your smartphone without the demand for any physical infrastructure.

They offer current accounts and a wide range of money exchange and other services to their customers.

You can utilize the app and card for your daily banking to manage your finances, pay your bills, and send cross-border payments in Norway. It’s a solid choice for exchanging currencies as they don’t charge you any foreign transaction fees and the exchange rate you get is the interbank rate and it is very cheap.

2.    DNB Bank

Founded in 1898, DNB Bank is one of the biggest banks in Norway, with 2.1 million personal customers and 183,000 corporate customers. With its headquarters in Oslo, it employs more than 11,000 staff and offers a variety of banking services with currency exchange included.

As one of Norway’s largest financial services companies, DNB Banks currency is also among the best in the country. It offers a swift and efficient service in its currency exchange with a low commission fee to be paid.

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3.    Storebrand Bank

Storebrand is one of the leading banks in Norway that offers currency exchange. It was founded in 2006 with its headquarters in Lysaker, Norway. Storebrand is one of the banks where you can exchange your money whether you’re a tourist or an indigene in Norway. It exchanges currencies for a low service commission.

4.    Sparebank 1 SMN

Sparebank was established in 1823 and it has its headquarters at Trondheim. It is the third-largest of the banks in Norway in terms of assets. It provides banking and financial services such as currency exchange to individuals and corporate customers that are visiting or reside in Norway. They have a strong reputation for fast exchange services and also they charge a very low exchange fee depending on the amount of money.

The bank employs around 1,100 staff and operates in 55 locations in Norway.

5.    Bank Norwegian AS

Bank Norwegian AS was established in 2007 and is based in Lysaker. The bank provides various banking services like currency exchange to its customers in Norway. Bank Norwegian AS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Norwegian Finans Holding ASA and it is one of the best banks in Norway because its currency exchange services are fast compared to other banks and also they charge a low commission fee.


Banks are financial institutions providing a range of services, including currency exchange. With this guide, whether you live in Norway or you came for a brief visit you can now choose the right bank to exchange your currency.